Monday, January 19, 2009

Subscribe to cmc Exclusive Today !!!!

All this can be yours just for joining cmc Exclusive Today !!!!

* 3 Exclusive cmc Scripts
* A Huge Exclusive Taggers Kit
* 1 Bonus Script
* Bonus CU items

- Exclusive scripts & kits are not available in stores - they are made exclusively for members only.

CMC Exclusive Subscription Group

Get exclusive scripts and scraps from Cancer Moon Creations
every month !!!!!!

The subscription cost will pay you back ! No monthly charges !

As a member you will:

* Get a welcome pack when you join - value approximately $25
* Get extra goodies every single month
* Get exclusive Professional Use (CU) products from cmc Every Month

Exclusive scripts & scraps will not be available in stores
only available to members.

You will also receive:

*cmc products that are available in stores
*coupons for great savings at my stores
*Bonus goodies like cu greyscale elements, paper paks etc.
*Bonus goodies from cmc Creative Team
*Some Personal use kits and miscellaneous scraps
*Bonuses for referring friends
*and much much more

You will be spoiled rotten by Bonnie, the owner of Cancer Moon Creations
and her fabulously talented Creative Team. This is a great bargain and incredible investment for Designers, taggers, & scrappers.

Subscription cost is $25 for 1 year, non-refundable fee.

But as an introductory special price - you can join right now for just $15.
You will receive more than that worth of great scripts & scraps just for joining.

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To contact cmc:

********* Keep reading for more details **********

More Details

When you decide to join cmc Exclusive -

Of course you are getting a great deal and a lot of great goodies :)
But you may want to know a few more details.


Make sure we are able to contact you with the email address you use for paypal.

When we receive notice of your subscription, we will send you an invitation to join the yahoo group. Once you are invited, then you can choose any email name you like to receive mail, you will be in charge of your own membership and be able to pick up all the goodies in your welcome Pack.

After you join, you will receive more information in your mailbox and have access to further information at the yahoo group site. Please take the time to look through and read everything. We do not have a lot of rules or worries, but its important to be informed.

**** There is only 1 rule for cmc Exclusive - NO SHARING or redistribution of any of the goodies you receive as a member. When you become a member, you are agreeing that you WILL NOT share. I hope I dont need to say any more on that subject. These items are exclusive, and will only remain exclusive as long as no one shares. If you have any questions about how you can use the scripts or scraps, please refer to my TOU, which is in the files section of our yahoo group. and you can always email me if you want to be sure about something and the TOU is not clear.

Once you are a member - you will receive Exclusive scripts & scraps and some non-exclusive goodies every month. I will spoil you rotten !!!!!!

Refer your friends to cmc Exclusive and you will receive a bonus. $2 off no spending limit at one of my stores - that is a free script - sometimes two.

If you are still undecided ---- Keep reading to find out more about cmc Exclusive