Saturday, January 23, 2010

Brand New Welcome Pak

The 2010 Welcome Pak has a modest Vintage theme. I just love Vintage !!!! The kit has fantastic colors and great papers and elements. I love how it turned out and am grateful to my friend Kolorscapez for making it look so good in the preview.

The script for the welcome pak is a simple trinket box script with great flexibility to create really unique boxes. I also included some doo dads that could embellish your boxes and really make them special.

Members will also get these fabulous vintage overlays with the new welcome pak.

and my favorite, these vintage flowers that I tubed from some gorgeous public domain vintage cards. I just love these.

If you are not already a member - you should consider joining us. Every member gets this great Welcome pak, and some great goodies from 2009 welcome pak too. And then every month, they get another mega kit like this. Exclusive CU goodies every month.
Dont forget to stop by the Showcase blog - there are quite a few goodies posted for you to see and some to snag !!!! the link is on the right :)

January Goodies

The January goodies were late this month due to technical difficulties beyond my control. I tried to make it up to my wonderful members with a coupon for $4 to spend however they like at one of my stores. and I threw in some Bonus Bling for valentines.

Happy Birthday cmc Exclusive

2010 is going to be even better than 2009 !!!!!

Thanks to all the wonderful members who are sticking around for another year of Exclusives... and welcome to all our New Members.

Our official Birthday was January 19th. And we had a rough new year kick off with my computer spitting out adware and causing me all sorts of trouble. But we are back in the game !!!

Our Membership price went up - but only by a little. cmc Exclusive is still a great bargain. $20 for a whole year of Exclusive CU goodies. and I must say, the goodies are getting better -- my designing skills are improving, especially on kits which was very new to me last year.