Friday, May 29, 2009

What is cmcExclusive ?

cmcExclusive is a Membership subscription group. You pay for a year - no worries about monthly charges. Then you receive a mega pak as a welcome gift and mega paks every month for your year.

This is an example of ONE Month of Goodies for our Members!

What's a Mega Pak

A cmcExclusive Mega pak is a big pak of goodies usually including
* a Kit - full size and tagger size available
* Exclusive scripts and/or templates - not available in stores
* Overlays, Tubes(PNGs), Blog sets or other fun CU goodies

!!!! YES......... most of these goodies are CU !!!!!


How do I sign up?
Click the paypal button on the right and go thru the steps with paypal.

When I pay for my membership, how do I get the goodies ?
When we receive notice that you have paid for your membership - we will send you an invitation to the yahoo group. The yahoo group is how I keep in touch with you and you receive links and information etc.

What do I need to do ?
Make sure your preferences are set up to receive invitations. Check and watch your mail - including spam folder for the invitation. We will be sending to the address that your paypal signed up with. Once you join the yahoo group you can set it up to use any email you want.

Let us know if you do not receive an invitation within a day or two.

When do we receive new goodies ?
At the first of the month the mega paks are loaded up and I send notice to the group that the goodies are ready.

How exclusive is Exclusive ?
All of the goodies in the Monthly Mega Paks are absolutely exclusive and available to members only for download for 2 months. After 2 months they are removed from the website and considered retired. Retired goodies may be available for sale to newer members and eventually to the public. Bonus goodies are sometimes non-exclusive and only available for the release month.

This is the formal policy, but we aren't in any hurry. Many exclusive goodies may never become available to the public or only after signficant time has passed.

If you have any questions ... you can always email Bonnie at

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